Family legacy, his talent for fashion and sewing not son chance. His father was sewing master for 12 years of a prestigious haute couture company in the country. His father forced him to go to the workshop when he left school, and over time began to attract attention, when Noel decided to give character and prepare the youth designer at the Mercy Jacquez Higher Technical Institute.

His style, Noel defines his style, as a blend of European, American and Latin flair. If the clothes went to a different audience, daring, risky and very aggressive in terms of colors. In your account you have a wide variety of ready pieces, in addition to the jobs that are made to order.

Dominican designer specialized in male haute couture, such as fine chacabanas, shirts and tailored suits. He graduated from the Mercy Jácquez Superior Technological Institute in the careers of Fashion Design and Personal Image Advisor, being responsible for the image of important figures in the world of entertainment and the Dominican and international spectacle.

At the end of 2017 Noel Newman exhibited his first individual collection in the city of New York and recently presented his new collection called "Times Square", also in the great New York city.

Collection also presented last weekend at the tenth edition of the RD Fashion Week 2018, having as special guest the outstanding merengue Jhonny Ventura, who closed his parade. Being this his first individual parade in his native country Dominican Republic, since the previous parades have been together with his companions of the Association of Chacabaneros (Achadom).

Personalities you have dressed.

This new collection was already used by the outstanding meringue Johnny Ventura, in his recent performance in New York City. Newman has also dressed important figures from the world of national and international entertainment, such as the actor Raidher Díaz, communicators Manuel and Hermes, Domingo Bautista, Merengueros Eddy Herrera, Alex Bueno, Silvio Mora, Handy Ventura, the Sexapil salsero and the stylist Paolo Divaldi.